Vet Tech Shares "Warning Labels" She'd Give To Different Dog Breeds

Vet Tech Shares "Warning Labels" She'd Give To Different Dog Breeds

It's no secret that different dog breeds boast different personalities and traits. While each individual animal is unique in its own right, dogs of the same breed tend to have similar features and personalities that they've been bred for years to exhibit.

Oftentimes, we hear about the positive stereotypes of different breeds, like the happy-go-lucky personality of a golden retriever, or the bold and spunky attitude of a husky. But what about the other side?

A veterinarian assistant (who goes on TikTok by @isie_xxiv) created a mini video series of what warning signs for different dog breeds should be and it's spot-on!

The first video started, saying: "Warning labels that should come with each dog breed as told by a vet's assistant."

The first dog warning was for a pitbull. She said, "You wanted a big tough dog but they'll mostly just be itching their skin off."

The series continued to feature warnings for bulldogs, pugs, labradors, and Cavalier King Charles dogs.

When it comes to German Shepherds, the vet tech says: "Invest in training or be ready to pay for sedatives for all doctor visits."

"However much exercise you think this dog needs, multiply that by 10," she added of border collies.

You can see the videos for yourself below:

@isie_xxiv And your bulldog’s name is Winston #vetmed #dogbreeds #petsmart #vet #screammovie #greenscreen ♬ original sound - isie_xxiv

@isie_xxiv Part two! I love cattle dogs and cattle dog mixes so much but almost every one has tried to eat my face off 🥲 #vetmed #dogbreeds #petsmart #vet #screammovie #greenscreen ♬ original sound - isie_xxiv

@isie_xxiv Part 3! We love your Doberman but we don’t completely trust them #vetmed #dogbreeds #petsmart #vet #greenscreen #screammovie #greatdane #doberman #beagle #dachshund #austalianshepherd ♬ original sound - isie_xxiv

Are there any "warning labels" you'd add for a specific breed that wasn't included in the video? Let us know!

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