Dogs Patiently Wait Outside For Doggy Daycare Bus To Pick Them Up

Dogs Patiently Wait Outside For Doggy Daycare Bus To Pick Them Up

For many working dog owners, doggy daycare is a necessity. As much as we'd love to stay home all day with our precious pooches, we also have to go to work in order to provide our dogs with a comfortable life.

However, sometimes our dogs can't stay home alone. Whether they get bad anxiety being alone or there isn't enough space at home, some owners have to send their dogs off to daycare for the day.

It's a great service too, as it's a way for our pooches to not only socialize with other dogs but they also get exercise.

Most owners drop off their pups at doggy daycare for the day. However, there are some that will offer services to pick up and drop off their canine clients to doggy daycare.

In Skagway, Alaska, there is a very adorable bus service that shuttles pups to and from their doggy daycare.

This dog service is known as Mo Mountain Mutts, which is run by 30 year old Mo, alongside her husband, Lee. Their business offers many shrives such as dog walking, dog training, and of course, doggy daycare.

The TikTok that they uploaded to their page of the bus service is just so stinking cute! In it, you see all the different dogs getting picked up from home. Since it's Alaska and there's snow outside, they're all wearing sweaters and it's the cutest thing to watch as they all greet one another aboard the bus.

Check out the incredibly adorable video below:

@mo_mountain_mutts You guys asked to see the dogs getting on the bus #foryou #dogs #puppybus #alaska ♬ original sound - Mo_Mountain_Mutts

What do you think of this precious little doggy daycare pick up routine? Do your dogs go to daycare when you're at work? Let us know!

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