More and More Dogs Are Reportedly Going Back to Work with Their Pet Parents

More and More Dogs Are Reportedly Going Back to Work with Their Pet Parents


Companies are gradually allowing employees to bring their dogs to work with them as more and more people get back to the office. During the height of the pandemic, many workers found that their remote situations were ideal for pet parenting. But now that so many folks have headed back to the office, pet parents and their furry charges are experiencing a certain amount of regret and separation anxiety.

With attitudes changing among the workforce about what is and isn't acceptable for a balanced life, some businesses are apparently listening and are prepared to do more to ensure qualified employees return from their brick-and-mortar hiatuses. According to VOA News, "many pet owners want to keep their canine companions nearby and are taking them to work."

Pets Are Family

"Our pets are becoming our families, and it makes sense they should come to work with us," said Steve Weinrauch, chief veterinarian at a pet insurance provider based in Seattle known as Trupanion.

One of Weinrauch's coworkers, Diana Cross, who works as a partner support manager at Trupanion, stated, "It's really important to me to be able to bring my dogs to the office. I love having both of them here, so I can pet them and play with them."

The company, like some other companies, allows good dogs to join their humans at the office during the workday. They enacted the policy before the virus turned our lives upside down. Oh, and by good, we mean well-behaved.

Amazon Dog Policy

Amazon is another business that began allowing their employees to bring their dogs in with them before the pandemic struck. Today, 10,000 dogs are registered at more than 140 Amazon buildings, according to Amy Neumeister, global services senior manager. Having pets in the workplace assists with "morale and engagement at work and provides emotional support from bringing your best four-legged friend to work," Neumeister explained.

And pets can also bring smiles and happy feelings to colleagues who may not have a dog or bring one to work. "It brings smiles to people's faces when they see a dog rolling around or chasing its tail," Weinrauch added.

Good for Business

"As we go back into the office environment, the dogs are helping people adjust," noted Bridger McGaw, executive director of global security and services at AthenaHealth, an electronic medical records software company located near Boston. He's said to have told VOA that "pets are also beneficial to the company because they help build camaraderie and people are more engaged at meetings when the pets are there."

"During meetings, folks will drop in to see the dogs and get a cuddle, and I think that's important in the workplace," McGaw acknowledged. He shared that his company even hosts "yappy hours" for employees and their pets, which include tasty dog treats. He's also encouraging other companies to consider a bring-your-dog-to-work policy. "I think it helps with the recruitment and retention of employees and provides a valuable benefit for employees with the care of their pets," he opined.

He's got a point. Allowing dogs at work would undoubtedly encourage some employees to stay. A recent survey by revealed that 75 percent of dog owners expressed that they were more likely to remain with an employer who allows them to bring their pet to work. What say you?

Rebecca West

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