Dolphins Surprise Woman Paddling On The Water

Dolphins Surprise Woman Paddling On The Water

There is nothing in the ocean that can incite instant fear in a person quite like seeing a dorsal fin. But multiple dorsal fins just make the panic worse.

Immediately, your mind jumps to "omg it's a hoard of sharks and I'm gonna die."

But, then you notice a slight curve to the fins, as well as the fact that they seem to be bobbing up and down in the water, and you suddenly relax because you realize that what you're seeing is just a pod of dolphins swimming along.

Dolphins are such majestic creatures to encounter while out in the ocean. I've only ever seen them from a distance playing in the surf, I've never seen them up close.

But one woman got quite the lucky show when a pod of dolphins interacted with her while paddle boarding. The woman had been paddle board in a harbor when the playful pod swam by.

As soon as they did, there were two that gave her quite the unique experience of a lifetime.

 width= Photo: Pexels/Daniel Torobekov

They decided to have a little fun with her, turning upside down and swimming right below her board. They were even trying to play with her paddle! It was so cute to watch.

Check out the incredible footage on YouTube here.

Anastasia Arellano

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