Meanwhile In Idaho: Thousands Of Sheep Are Seen Wandering Up The Highway

Meanwhile In Idaho: Thousands Of Sheep Are Seen Wandering Up The Highway

There are things that may be strange to see for many people but if you live in the area, it might just be a regular occurrence.

This often includes the livestock in the area, and in Idaho, we are talking about sheep.

Approximately 2,600 sheep were being herded across the highway in the town of Eagle. Fortunately, the event was captured by somebody flying a drone, and it was shared online.

All of those sheep were crossing a highway, but they were doing it for a purpose. Sheep need fresh pastures so they have a place to graze. In this case, they were on their way to Table Rock.

Even though it may not be entirely out of the ordinary for a herd of sheep to be driven across the highway in that part of the country, it still attracted a crowd. In fact, the locals make it an annual tradition and created a festival to mark the dates.

After the drone footage was captured, it was edited and then released by an educational outreach program: Life on the Range.

That organization aims to connect residents of Idaho with other Americans to show the challenges and rewards of ranching.

I would say they hit the nail on the head this time:

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