Dog Hit By Car And Left Injured In The Middle Of The Road Needs Our Help

Dog Hit By Car And Left Injured In The Middle Of The Road Needs Our Help

Photo: Rescue Is Life

Meet Botley

The one-year-old corgi mix was hit by a car in South Africa and left in the middle of the road unable to move. 

The director of Rescue Is Lifea foster-based animal rescue organization based in Cape Town, and a staff member were driving down the highway on the way to drop off supplies to a foster when they spotted the dog in the road. 

Photo: Rescue Is Life

The poor pup was in severe shock and bleeding from his nose and had several lacerations on his legs and face when rescuers found him. They stopped oncoming traffic to save him and carried him to their vehicle. 

He was brought to an emergency animal clinic to be examined and treated. The team didn't find a microchip and due to the number of ticks and matted fur, they believe he is a stray. 

Botley has a fractured pelvis, but the good news is he won't need surgery. He was given pain medication, and his wounds were treated before he left the clinic to recover in a foster home. 

He will need to remain on crate rest for several weeks but is expected to walk again. The rescue shared, "He will always have a limp and slight damage to his pelvis, but other than that, he is able to live his life." 

Photo: Rescue Is Life

Greater Good Charities' Emergency Animal Medical fund was contacted to help cover Botley's medical bills and ongoing care. The fund was started to help save the lives of injured and sick shelter pets and give them the second chance they deserve. 

With proper care, Botley will be able to heal and live a long, happy life, but he needs your support to get there. Will you help Botley recover?

Pets receiving critical care facilitated by an Emergency Animal Medical grant may not be eligible for adoption until they have completed their course of treatment. If you would like to inquire about adoption of a specific animal, we strongly encourage you to visit the shelter’s specific website first as that is often the most up to date place to learn about available pets and review the adoption policies and process.

Photo: Rescue Is Life

Botley is a friendly fella and is looking forward to the day he is able to chase his favorite toy again - a tennis ball. 

Help us meet our goal of $1,000 for Botley and pets like him. 

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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