Severely Injured Fox Survived Dog Attack But Needs Your Help To Heal

Severely Injured Fox Survived Dog Attack But Needs Your Help To Heal

Meet Yanchik.

The resilient fox was attacked by dogs at a hunting station in Ukraine and suffered grievous injuries. He arrived at Home of Rescued Animals with extensive wounds and the local veterinarian was unsure if he would survive.

The nerves in his neck were severely damaged, resulting in a bent and twisted neck, and a contorted tail. The rescue told us, "His body had been so weakened that most conventional medications were deemed too risky, as his fragile constitution could not withstand their effects."

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Even though the odds were against him to survive, he pulled through.

He received constant care and slowly he started to regain strength. He has a long road to recovery and will need ongoing care for the rest of his life.

"Yanchik continues to grapple with issues in his vestibular system, which impede his coordination and movements, this condition remains untreatable. He lacks the skills needed to fend for himself in the wild, making our shelter his lifelong home. Here, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring he enjoys a secure and comfortable life, with all the care and support he requires," states the rescue.

Greater Good Charities' Emergency Animal Medical fund was created for cases like this. Animals like Yanchik will get a second chance at life thanks to the grants offered to rescues to cover medical expenses.


We can't do it without your support. Help us raise funds to cover his medical bills and give Yanchik the life he deserves.

Home of Rescued Animals, also called Domivka Shelter, is a sanctuary in Lviv, Ukraine, for wild and livestock animals. The animals are rescued from terrible situations and provided a safe place to live out their lives. Since the war, they have also taken in dogs, cats, and any other animal in need.

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They are in need of veterinary supplies to continue to care for animals as well as heaters to keep them warm this winter. Join us in helping animals in Ukraine by donating below.

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