Neglected Sheep Finds A Friend And A Place To Call Home

Neglected Sheep Finds A Friend And A Place To Call Home

If there is one thing that we need in life, it's a friend. We may have many people that come and go in our lives, and we consider them to be acquaintances, but a good friend is someone special.

Humans have this need built into them, but animals also have something similar. When an animal has a friend, they have a faithful companion that they can go to, and they will be there for each other through thick and thin.

This fact is seen beautifully with a domesticated sheep. This particular sheep was lonely because she was not cared for properly. She had not been sheared in a long time and was suffering.

That is when the fine people at Harmony Hill Farm Sanctuary stepped in. According to GeoBeats Animals, they took care of the sheep, Ellie Mae, as they do with many other homeless and neglected animals. Some animals found on their sanctuary include alpacas, sheep, and many farm animals.

When somebody reported that Ellie Mae was being neglected, they stepped in to help. The sheep originally belonged to a high school student who was a Future Farmers of America member that took them in as a project. Unfortunately, the sheep didn't get the attention she deserved after the high school student graduated.

Laura Johnson, the founder of Harmony Hill Farm Sanctuary, feels that it had been years since the sheep had been sheared. Sheep need to be sheared regularly, or their health can suffer.

After taking some time to be with the sheep, things started to turn a nice corner. Ellie Mae lost some of her shyness and started to get comfortable when people were around, including Laura and other people at the sanctuary.

Laura was even upset that the sheep was not given a name, so she decided to name her Ellie Mae. That has been her name since that time.

Shortly after arriving at the sanctuary, the little sheep became happier and started to respond to her name. They speak about how watching her bouncing around was the cutest thing they had seen.

You can see the transformation in the following video:

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