Oh, Deer! Watch This Video Of A Fawn Acting Like It’s Dead In The Middle Of The Road

Oh, Deer! Watch This Video Of A Fawn Acting Like It’s Dead In The Middle Of The Road

There are some places in the world where people just leave dead animals that get run over on the road. It’s sad, but it’s unfortunately true.

But then there are kindhearted souls out there that go out of their way to move a carcass to the side of the road or even call the authorities to help dispose of the body properly.

In a video that went viral on Facebook, a man is seen holding a box in an attempt to scoop up a supposedly dead fawn.

At first, he tried to nudge it with the box to see if it would move, and when it didn’t, he finally decided just to use the box to nudge the unmoving fawn to the side of the road.

Just as the fawn’s body crossed the road’s white line, it finally got up and crossed the road to safety. Thankfully, the cars were unmoving during all of this, so both the rescuer and the fawn were safe during the attempted “cleanup."

The comments section is filled with people that are thankful that the fawn is alive, and there are others that shared that they experienced the same thing before.

One person said that he had a fawn run into the side of his car, and when he stopped to check on the baby deer, it was also unmoving. But when he carried it to the side of the road, it started moving again after a few minutes.

Some explain that the reason why the deer was unmoving is just because of instinct or fear. Further explaining that since predators tend to catch the movement of their prey, deers have the instinct to freeze to avoid being spotted. Others also theorize that the fawn was just lying down on the road because the asphalt was warm.

Watch the video below!

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