5 Movies You'd Want to Watch Again For the First Time to Relive the Mind-Blowing Experience

5 Movies You'd Want to Watch Again For the First Time to Relive the Mind-Blowing Experience

The world is gifted with talented writers, directors, and excellent production houses that create the most outstanding works of art. You will never run out of films that will seriously change your perspective or blow your mind. Those are the movies you highly recommend to anyone looking for a spectacular experience. Some will tug your heartstrings, while others will open your mind to various possibilities. Thought-provoking films can surely catch your interest and will stun you.

If people have their comfort movies, they also have films they'd want to watch again for the first time. You'd like to forget the plot twists in order to relive the mind-blowing experience. It takes a genius artist to produce such a masterpiece — they can make anyone focus on the whole movie and immerse themselves in the storyline. Each person has that one film, and several Redditors have shared theirs below Jacale1's post. OP started a discussion on AskReddit with the question, "What is one movie you wish you could watch again for the first time?" The post has received 2k comments, and here are a few of the answers you can find on the thread. Which one do you want to watch again for the first time?

Edge of Tomorrow

The sci-fi action film has had its viewers on the edge of their seats as they are brought to a world fighting an alien invasion. With a star-studded cast including Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, you'll surely love every action scene and mind-blowing plot twist in the movie. You'd focus on the film throughout its duration to catch all the details. The Reddit answer was from jeanrbel, which created a separate discussion with the fans of the post-apocalyptic movie.

Star Wars

There's a reason why Star Wars has a massive fandom that even includes people from the younger generation. The first Star Wars movie came out in 1977, but millennials and gen-zs are well aware of the film's popularity. "The original Star Wars. Man, that blew our minds! It totally changed movies from then on. We'd never seen such incredible special effects. The story was so fun and the experience was amazing," Raggmommy commented. It can be your comfort movie and one you want to watch all over again without knowing the storyline. Star Wars should always be on your list if you're a sci-fi enthusiast.

Spirited Away

Who says animated films are only for kids? Ghibli Studios won the hearts of even the older generation with their masterpieces, especially Spirited Away. You'll be watching it all over again because of the moral lesson of the story, the magical artwork, and the remarkable characters. Lizziebunnypie answered, "Spirited Away. I was blown away by how beautiful and bonkers it is." She received a reply from Mimi_315 that said, "Saaaaame! Every single Studio Ghibli film, but Spirited Away especially! I've still watched it a million times though, and it's always special. If I'm in a bad mood, that film always cheers me up!"


The idea of the movie is so unique that you will find it challenging to guess what will happen next. Jumping from one dream to another, invading someone's subconsciousness, and controlling the dream has definitely blown the viewers' minds. Inception is the movie that will stop you from blinking to avoid missing out on any important detail. It'll not be very clear at first, but Christopher Nolan has definitely created an iconic film. Every scene is conversation worthy — you and your friends would certainly have fun with each line from the movie. You'll seriously want to watch it for the first time again to be shocked, amused, and thrilled one more time.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

You're on an emotional roller coaster ride when you watch Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. Digging deep into a person's memories to erase those they shared with a loved one they need to forget is heartbreaking. Clementine and Joel's relationship seemed magical at first, but their relationship took a hard turn. Since it's a heartbreak they could not easily forget, they depended on science for a quick remedy. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What a ride!" SuperMonkeyCollider wrote. It will indeed mess with your emotions and cause you heartache as they go through the process of moving on — but its fans have never moved on since then.

The Reddit post could be your reference when finding a good movie. You can find a wide range of genres in the comment section — it's a cornucopia of films you must watch! And if you have a recommendation, the discussion is still open, so feel free to engage with other Redditors. You don't have to stick with one answer — do not hesitate to list all the films that undoubtedly impacted your life.

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