Rescuer Convinces Neglectful Owner To Surrender Four French Bulldogs

Rescuer Convinces Neglectful Owner To Surrender Four French Bulldogs

French bulldogs have been all the rage recently. In fact, they were named the most popular dog breed in the U.S. in 2022!

With their rise in popularity came a hefty price tag on the breed. French bulldog owners suffered from theft, sometimes even violent theft, of their dogs!

Beyond theft, other corruption arose from the popularity of the French bulldog, including the increase in backyard breeders.

When Asher from the Asher House in Oregon heard about a French bulldog breeder who was done breeding his dogs, he wanted to ensure the dogs had a nice retirement.

 width= Photo: YouTube/The Asher House

Asher shared on YouTube that the breeder insisted on selling the last of the puppies, but he didn't want the parents anymore. They weren't as profitable as puppies would be. The four dogs were being kept in tiny cages and used to produce puppies, but once they were no longer producing puppies, the breeder didn't want them anymore.

Asher convinced the breeder to give him the adult dogs. It wasn't easy, and it took weeks of back-and-forth before the person finally agreed to hand over the dogs.

 width= Photo: YouTube/The Asher House

In the end, Asher was able to pick up all four dogs, and he immediately got them out of the crates and started getting them used to "real life," where they didn't have to live like that any longer.

Asher explained in his video that the dogs were "very nervous" due to their lack of socialization. The dogs had only ever met their owner, since they were locked away and used to breed their whole lives. Now, they can finally unwind and enjoy life as a dog should: in freedom.

Check out the video below:

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