Meet 'Tony Dawg' – The French Bulldog That Loves To Skateboard

Meet 'Tony Dawg' – The French Bulldog That Loves To Skateboard

If you have a dog in your life, you have likely taught him some tricks. It may just be a simple command or basic obedience, but it is something they need to learn.

Other people may take this to extremes, teaching their dog how to get them a drink from the refrigerator or perhaps to go through some elaborate routine. These tricks can entertain, but they have nothing on Cabbage.

Cabbage is a white French bulldog that has some serious skills. People everywhere love what this dog can do because he can skateboard like a pro.

We've seen dogs on video standing on skateboards and enjoying the ride. Cabbage takes things to a different level, pushing off, turning, and even doing some tricks.

In fact, this French bulldog is so well-known for his skill on a skateboard people are now calling him Tony Dawg!

Like any famous pup, Cabbage has an active home life as well. He is gentle, doesn't bark often, and tends to be a very positive part of the household.

After videos began to surface of Cabbage on the back of a skateboard, however, things went viral quickly. He is also well known locally, as he works his way through the town on the back of a skateboard.

This is more than just a trick that Cabbage learned. According to the South China Morning Post, he began his training on a skateboard in 2020.

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His human, Zhao Chen, said he used snacks at first to get him to stay on the board. He then taught him how to skate with one paw, and as he improved his skills, he started skating on his own.

It took 20 days of practice, but Cabbage was skating without any help. He even learned how to stay toward the front of the board to make up for his lack of height and weight.


My name is Chinese cabbage!Today is my first performance,Everybody has the money to hold the money field, has the hand to point a thumbs-up, thank you

♬ original sound - baicaiwanhuaban

You can find Cabbage and his human at the skate park every morning. They skate together for about 15 minutes, which is enough to keep him in practice.

Zhao admits that Cabbage seems to be ready for more tricks, but he doesn't want him to overdo it. If they can get some exercise and have some fun, it is enough.

@baic99999 Do you think I can only play skateboard 📷📷 home skills are countless 📷你以为白菜只会玩滑板吗📷📷居家技能也是会的不计其数📷#bulldog #french #frenchbulldog #china #chinese ♬ original sound - baicaiwanhuaban

They also want to help other people laugh a little. It's just a way of sharing happiness at a time when people tend to be stressed out.

If you want to see more Cabbage, you can follow him on TikTok, @baic99999.

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