Groomer Shares What It's Like To Give Tantrum-Throwing Husky A Bath

Groomer Shares What It's Like To Give Tantrum-Throwing Husky A Bath

Vanessa De Prophetis of Girl With The Dogs recently took to YouTube to share her experience grooming a husky named Link. Let's just say, Link wasn't thrilled about the situation.

Vanessa owns her own dog grooming business "Perfect Pooches Dog Grooming" in Niagara Falls, Ontario, so she's quite used to a variety of dogs and temperaments that come into her shop.

"This is Link, and if you didn't get the message, she is, in fact, dying," Vanessa joked in the video as Link loudly protested the bath.

In true husky fashion, Link treated bathtime like she was being murdered and Vanessa went along with it. She narrated Link's bath, saying that she was getting an "acid bath" followed by a towel dry with "sandpaper."

Of course, Vanessa wasn't really using those things, but based on Link's whines, you would've thought she was!

Despite the challenges Link put up, Vanessa finished the job and Link left her shop looking spick and span.

While Link may have seemed a bit dramatic, she's definitely not alone.

In an earlier video, Vanessa revealed what it was like grooming a husky named Luna (short for Lunatic). She titled the video, "Lunatic Husky swears at me her whole groom." If that doesn't say it all, I'm not sure what will.

In the video, Vanessa gears up with ear protection as Lunatic howls away in classic husky fashion.

They may be beautiful dogs, but they sure are high-maintenance! Check out the humorous video below:

Of course, Vanessa was sure to share that not all huskies are like that - just most of the huskies she encounters.

Back in July of 2021, she encountered a husky who also happened to be named Luna, but this dog wasn't like Luna the Lunatic. No, she was different. In fact, Vanessa shared on YouTube that this husky didn't even seem to be a husky at all! The reason? She remained calm during the grooming session.

You can see more of Vanessa's grooming work on YouTube here.

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