Golden Retriever Reacts To Seeing Darth Vader On TV

Golden Retriever Reacts To Seeing Darth Vader On TV

In a heartwarming clip shared by her family, Ellie the golden retriever is seen relaxing on the couch while watching Star Wars New Hope on TV.

However, when Darth Vader appears on screen for the first time, Ellie's demeanor changes, and she reacts in the sweetest and smartest way possible to the ultimate movie villain.

It's remarkable to see how many other children and furry pets also react similarly to this iconic scene.

Darth Vader, born as Anakin Skywalker, is one of the most iconic villains in cinematic history. He's known for his imposing presence, distinctive breathing apparatus, his ruthlessness and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

It's that ruthlessness that really makes him a harrowing villain and it seems that even dogs like Ellie can pick up on that!

Some pet owners shared their experiences with their pets reacting to Darth Vader. Even Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, commented on Ellie's clever reaction, tweeting that he wished he had thought of hiding behind the couch during his first encounter with the Sith Lord.

Given Hamill's reaction to Ellie's reaction, it's safe to say that the dog made the right call.

Check out the hilarious video below:

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