Good Habits You Should Apply More in Life According to Redditors

Good Habits You Should Apply More in Life According to Redditors

In this day and age of the internet, everyone has been sharing daily routines and habits that improved their lives. You can see posts from all over social media about finding the best version of yourself. It may be the fact that the current generation is fully aware of how good habits heal physical and mental health. It alleviates personal and environmental chaos around you. A big or small practice can drastically affect one's life over the years. For this reason, self-reflection is essential to finally take notice of overlooked habits. Sometimes it's the answer to why you could never get rid of stress and drama.

Every action has an equal reaction. What could be the habits that have been affecting or making changes in your life? That's why it's helpful to follow social media pages that aid in identifying those practices. They'll make you realize what things you tend to do often. Aside from social media influencers, anonymous people from Reddit have written down their thoughts on a particular post. Thirtythirdtrees asked Redditors, "What's a good life habit most people overlook?" Many points were made, making the discussion quite helpful. You might find a habit of yours as well. Moreover, their responses can help you think of a way to eliminate bad habits of yours.

Home Cooked Meals

It has been proven that home-cooked meals are better than always eating outside or depending on food delivery. Applying this habit can improve your mental and physical being. You control choosing ingredients, especially when aiming for a healthier option. Cooking at home is also stress-relieving and a great way to bond with family. Besides, it helps you save money since you bought the ingredients. You can eat at home easily compared to waiting in line in restaurants and missing a meal because the food is different from your liking.

Avoid Overreacting About Small Inconveniences

Crying over spilled milk is a case-by-case situation. Not every inconvenience requires a reaction. If you can quickly fix it or if it doesn't hugely impact your life, focus your energy on something other than the matter. SauloJr wrote, "'If it can be fixed, why complain? If it can't be fixed, why complain?' People that don't escalate problems and accidents. Accidentally spilled your cup? Alright, it's alright. All fine. It already happened. Just get another cup, clean the mess, and in 5 minutes, you can act like nothing wrong happened." Turning every minor mishap into a huge problem causes unnecessary stress for you and those around you.

Fitness Routine

Super_Advertising221 answered, "fitness doesn't have to be complicated. just keep moving." You don't always have to go to the gym to exercise. Finding a sustainable workout is more important than committing to something unfit for your lifestyle. It'll only frustrate you whenever you can't go to the gym due to uncontrollable situations. "Very true! Even just basic fitness is a huge improvement to life. Just walking around versus being sedentary can make your well-being dramatically better," appleparkfive replied.

Being Polite

Do not cherry-pick the people that deserve your politeness. Be polite to whoever you encounter daily, especially those who provide services. Servers, valets, couriers, grocery staff, security guards, and more deserve to be respected. Greet them kindly whenever you can and speak to them with respect. Being polite applies to not only elders but also those younger than you. "Better for everyone's mental health," Laura9624 replied to Repulsive-Holiday361. Everyone's dealing with personal issues, so it's best to be kind rather than express negative superiority to those around you.

Reading Books

You may graduate from school, but life is a constant learning cycle. Books are a great source of discovering new things within or outside your interests. It also helps you find a side of yourself you haven't noticed before, especially when you try various genres. Trappedinacar responded to coolguy_dy's answer, "This one seems to be going out of fashion fast. Which is sad. Such a great resource for deep learning or just relaxing and unwinding for an hour. That reminds me, I should read a book today." With every page you turn, there's information that you never thought you'd ever need.

You'll likely find a habit you overlook in the comment section. Take time to reflect on yourself after reading the discussion on Reddit. It's vital for your well-being, especially when you have been noticing how stressful life has been. But if you have already made yourself aware of those practices, you might want to share it below OP's post. Someone out there might be in need of an eye-opening moment to realize how those habits effectively changed their lives. Write down your thoughts to anonymously help people in their self-improvement journey.

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