Starving Husky Found Digging For Food In Trash Finally Has Full Belly, Thanks To You

Starving Husky Found Digging For Food In Trash Finally Has Full Belly, Thanks To You

Food, water, and shelter are basic essentials that all animals need, but homeless dogs and cats struggle to find all of these. Animal shelters and rescues often take in malnourished and emaciated animals who had to survive on the streets for months or years. They provide the animals with nutritious food, water, and a soft place to rest.

New animals arrive every day in need of food and care. The cost of pet food alone can consume a shelter's minimal budget and that is why Greater Good Charities started the GOODS program to lend a helping hand. The GOODS program provides nutritious dog and cat food, essential supplies, and toys to shelters across the country.

But they couldn't do it without your support.


Your generous donations have helped hungry dogs like Marcus finally get a nutritious meal.

 width= Photo: Route 66 Pet Rescue

Route 66 Pet Rescue in Oklahoma told us, "Marcus was found last month roaming the streets of Tulsa. Matted, skinny, digging through trash for food. A Good Samaritan got him to follow her home. They took for him to the vet to check for a chip and none found and then posted lost, but no owners came forward, so they reached out to us."

With regular meals and a good grooming, Marcus has transformed into a handsome fella who is ready for a family of his own. He is energetic and loves other dogs and hopes to find a forever home soon. Learn more about how to adopt him here.

Marcus is just one of countless homeless pets to finally experience a full belly thanks to the GOODS program. The rescue has received several truckloads of pet food, supplies, and toys to help feed and care for all the homeless pets and is beyond grateful for the support.

 width= Photo: Route 66 Pet Rescue

"We are going to have some happy doggies with all this amazing food and treats. #GOODS program is a blessing."

Learn more about the GOODS program and how it helps people and pets in need. Together we CAN change the world.

Andrea Powell

Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.

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