The World’s Oldest Living Gorilla Receives a Fruit Platter and a Lovely Vegetable Bouquet on Her 66th Birthday

The World’s Oldest Living Gorilla Receives a Fruit Platter and a Lovely Vegetable Bouquet on Her 66th Birthday

These days, birthdays aren’t only celebrated by humans but also by animals. Pet parents would plan out various ways to commemorate the day their babies were born. They’d organize photo shoots, parties with pets of friends and family, or present a personalized edible cake for animals. Celebrating their life is being grateful for their existence — to make them feel extra special for a whole day. You’ll see different animal birthdays on the internet shared by pet parents, sanctuaries, rescue centers, and zoos. Those social media posts often go viral due to emotional impact — the content can make you feel happy and even cause you to shed a tear or two.

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Apart from acknowledging life, birthdays mark the moment that a person or an animal achieved a milestone. That’s why Fatou’s 66th birthday was extra special, primarily because she’s the oldest living gorilla in the world. On April 13, Zoo Berlin presented Fatou with lovely gifts that she certainly enjoyed. Instead of serving her a cake, staff members gave her a beautiful basket full of scrumptious fruits. The birthday celebrant also received a healthy bouquet of fruits and vegetables.

Zoo Berlin shared photos of Fatou on Instagram that showed how she indulged in the fruit platter and the bouquet. The idea came from the fact that Fatou loves to eat berries. It was explained in the caption that the gorilla doesn’t get to eat berries every day, so they spoiled her with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

“Since fruit contains a lot of fructose, vegetables are almost exclusively on the menu. The birthday delicacies were therefore carefully selected by our team,” Zoo Berlin indicated in the caption. It was to keep her healthy, especially now that she is already a senior gorilla. But it was Fatou’s day, so she got a free pass and enjoyed as many fruits as possible. The happiness was evident in each photo the zoo shared, and they even uploaded a video. She’s the oldest gorilla but still looks young and has a healthy appetite. If you are 66 years old and still as active as Fatou, then life is worth celebrating.

Many people also greeted her with a happy birthday in the comment section. They expressed their love for Fatou and wished her all the best. The world’s oldest gorilla truly deserves all the adoration, and you might want to mark April 13 on your calendar to greet her every year! Watch the video below to see her birthday feast.

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