Should We Find This Story Funny? Redditors Confused by Post about Grandma

Should We Find This Story Funny? Redditors Confused by Post about Grandma

Some commenters found it funny.

Others who criticized the grandma in this viral story on Reddit's r/pettyrevenge were slammed with great hatred by the Original Poster -- no other than the granddaughter.

Who's right and who's wrong? Well, OP shared the story because to her it was hilarious and her grandma was able to get her petty revenge. And yes, there were Redditors who felt the same way.

But there were those who were skeptical, and their reactions were actually quite justified based on the details that were given by OP. Except this granddaughter missed where she had made mistakes in her storytelling -- and she ended up hurt and wanting to pick a fight with these "harsh" commenters!

Let's see what you'd think about this interesting post. OP started her story with the following words under the username Spycenrice: "So, I don’t know the full story, but I do know the gist of it. My grandma raised her kids with love. She practically spoiled them, and she raised her grandkids too (me and my two sisters). Two of them, my uncle and my dad, became addicts, and the last, my aunt, became estranged. I’ve got tons of relatives, so I don’t know if I’ve ever met her - if I have, I don’t remember her face or name, so let’s call her little miss J. J left without looking back, and constantly asked my grandmother for money. She hardly repaid Grandma, which was a big mistake, because, surprise surprise, my grandma was on top of every penny that she had. She was the best I’ve ever seen when it came to handling funds."

OP then continued to relate that her grandma was diagnosed with cancer. But, for this granddaughter, she was the strongest woman on the planet, who had worked very hard, and nobody could get by her without settling their dues. A couple of years after her diagnosis, this old woman died.

Now, here is grandma's petty revenge, according to OP: "In her will, she gives money to my grandpa, my dad, my uncle, me, and my sisters. Everyone in her family. But when it comes to J, she says, 'You still owe me 14 dollars.' I do not know if she actually somehow debted J 14 dollars in a will, or just put it in there as a little slap in the face. All J was worried about when grandma died was the money, and she got NONE OF IT. I can’t be prouder to have a grandma that wouldn’t leave this world without the last laugh."

Then, there was this edit about OP forgetting to mention that her aunt J was a drug addict too. It was the reason why she was constantly asking for money from her grandma.

Then, another EDIT and a LAST EDIT. This time, they were motivated by hatred for those Reddit commenters who criticized her grandma for raising kids who all grew up into drug addicts.

Here's the second edit, which is more like a tirade: "(because people want to blame my grandmother) She raised three kids that were hers and three kids that weren’t. The kids that were hers turned into drug addicts, and the three kids that weren’t turned into people who could handle their emotions and found therapy for themselves. I think it was a generational problem rather than the 'bad parenting' she’s being accused of. She was the kindest woman I’d ever met, but also the strongest. All 3 of us are getting therapy for things that aren’t related to my grandmother. My uncle, my dad, and my aunt are not. Do we not think that maybe the generational differences of people who were often not given needed resources, and people with the technology to find needed resources, might be a factor in how they handled their mental illnesses?"

And the LAST TIRADE: "LAST EDIT I’LL MAKE, AND IM NOT REPLYING TO ANYONE: I should’ve expected the Reddit community, notorious for being snobby and pompous, would react like this, but I still feel the need to clarify. NONE of you know my life simply from the paragraphs written here. I have a long history, and the memories of my grandmother are the only good ones I have. None of the drug addicts in my family, not my mom, not my dad, not my other grandma, not the aunt I do know, not my uncle, not ONE MEMBER OF MY FAMILY, have spoken ill about how my grandmother treated her kids. In fact, they’ve spoken highly of her parenting. It will be a cold day in hell when I let chronically online know-it-alls attempt to change my memory of my grandmother into something she was not. She was an honorable woman, and she is not responsible for the mistakes her children made when faced with an opioid crisis. I know that my dad was long out of the house before he got hooked on drugs, and he is now diagnosed with anxiety. If you’d like to continue blaming my grandma, I’d love to see how you believe she affected the other half of my family, who was the same way. A leading cause of addiction is genetics and mental and emotional disorders. Anxiety can be an inherited condition, that probably went untreated, as my grandmother was also a very anxious person. What I know is that my grandmother did not work her ass off to be a good person just for a bunch of self-important prigs to insult her. Bottom line, you don’t know my life, I do. This was a funny story because everyone in the family knows J is an a-hole."

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And below are some of the commenters OP just slammed, but you might also see why these Redditors arrived at such conclusions:

From Xyldarran: "Wait, I need some more info here..... So the Aunt was estranged. Did she leave to get away from the two addicts your Grandmother was coddling? I mean, I would be getting the f-ck out too if that was the situation."

From JosephineApples: "If two of three kids ended up addicts and one is estranged, you may not know the whole story of how they were raised."

Scudsterr: "The gist we are getting is Grandma is batting 100 for failing to raise functioning adults."

From mloveb1: "This was my thought as well. My family is shit, and people thought they were great and strong people. Hell, I thought my own mom was strong and amazing just because she didn’t beat me like my father did. On the outside, even other relatives thought they were great parents. So I just projected my own family into this. I hope they were loved, but idk. My brother and sister had their addictions, and I’m the estranged one."

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From The-Mathematician: "Update says J was an addict, too. So a good mom had all 3 of her kids become addicts apparently."

From Eric-Fartmann: "Your grandma raised 3 drug addicts… maybe she wasn’t the saint you make her out to be. Just sayin’."

From tuvar_hiede: "Wait, she gave the addicts money?"

This is what happens when a story doesn't give enough details for readers to be able to grasp it fully. A story doesn't have to be as long as a novel. But, just like in news writing and problem-solving, these words from Rudyard Kipling can help in story-telling:

“I keep six honest serving men (they taught me all I knew); their names are What and Why and When And How And Where and Who.”

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