Massive Great Dane Adopts Tiny 1-Pound Rescue Kitten

Massive Great Dane Adopts Tiny 1-Pound Rescue Kitten

Corbin the Great Dane has a thing for fostering kittens. In fact, he's helped his human mama foster dozens of kittens in the past, but none have been quite like Potato.

In an interview with The Dodo, Corbin's mom, Karen, explained that Potato came to them as a tiny 1-pound rescue kitten.

He was so small compared to the 160-pound dog, but Corbin was so gentle and nurturing, the two quickly formed a strong bond.

As Potato grew, he began to really let his personality shine. He was comfortable with his Great Dane foster mama and his human foster mama, Karen, as well.

It wasn't long before Karen realized the little cat was really thriving in her family.

In the end, Potato became a foster fail. Surprisingly, Karen fostered over 150 kittens before finding one special enough to adopt herself. She just felt like Potato was that missing piece in her family, and it seems that Corbin felt the same way too!

Karen explained to The Dodo, "I decided he's staying with us. We're not giving him back. He always thought that he was one of the family, and when we decided it, we were just late to the party."

Check out the sweet video below:

You can follow Corbin the Great Dane and Potato on Instagram, @corbin_fosters.

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