Greedy Pup in Texas Almost Burns Down House Scrounging for Cookies on Christmas Day

Greedy Pup in Texas Almost Burns Down House Scrounging for Cookies on Christmas Day


We're usually worried about our cats jumping on the stove and accidentally turning the gas burners on only to start a fire. Well, this Christmas a family in Frisco, Texas, found it wasn't a feline that almost burned their house down but actually their gluttonous pup, Twitch, in search of cookies!

Pet-Related Accidents

It wasn't such a merry Christmas when Megan Black's home started to burn on December 25. She was celebrating the holiday with her family in Celina when she got an alert on her Ring Doorbell that the smoke alarms in her house were going off. When she saw what had happened on her camera, she called her neighbor, who immediately rushed next door to try to assist. "Maybe it was female mom instinct. I don't know. I was just trying," the neighbor Cissy Blaisure was quoted as saying.

Blaisure was able to get Black's dogs outside and worked to put the fire out that had started when the gas burner was accidentally turned on. It wasn't long before the Frisco FD arrived on the scene to take control of the situation.

Sly Pups

As it turned out, Black's in-home surveillance camera revealed the truth of the matter: her dog, Twitch, managed to work its way past one of the doggie gates blocking the kitchen off in search of a treat. The 3-year-old Lab, hoping to nibble on some cookies which had been left there, accidentally ignited one of the stove's burners. She presumably stepped on the knob and twisted her body or shifted her weight in such a manner that the burner lit.

"She just pushed so perfectly and turned the stove on," Black explained. Her other dog, a 10-year-old boxer, wisely held back and watched the scene from a safe distance. The entire incident happened in only seven minutes. Thank goodness for Black's security cameras or the outcome would have been very different. Unfortunately, Black's home suffered smoke damage and the downstairs needs to be completely gutted. Her dogs are alive, however, and that makes up for a lot.

Rebecca West

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