What Do You Think Are The Hardest Pills to Swallow In Life?

What Do You Think Are The Hardest Pills to Swallow In Life?

Each person has a different expectation of how their life will turn out as they get older. You have it all planned out ever since you were a kid — looking forward to when everything will fall into place. There are goals that you wish to achieve at a certain age and people you think you’ll keep for a long time. Life has a lot to offer, but it will also surprise you. You all know the saying, “Life happens,” because no matter how well you plan everything out, mishaps will suddenly happen.

There will be lessons that life will force you to learn, which are known as hard pills to swallow. It’s a remedy that needs to be taken for further personal growth, which will help you see the world clearly. Those realizations are the harsh truths that will aid you in navigating life. Without those hard pills, you’ll fail to appreciate what’s meant for you. Those are the lessons often discussed in friend groups, online communities, and inspirational talks. A Redditor also started their discussion on the platform in the AskReddit section. People were so engaged with yookiecookie’s post, who asked, “What are the hardest pills to swallow in life?”

Deep conversations and realizations happened in the comment section. A few of the hardest pills to swallow learned by Redditors are listed below.

The Consequences of Your Decisions

Before you decide on anything, ensure that you have thought about the consequences. There's no undo button in real life — once the decision is executed, expect the consequences of your action. “Some bells can’t be unrung. And you have to live with the fallout from decisions you made and things you did when you didn’t know this fact,” the_digital_merc commented. You have to take responsibility for the outcome, whether it’s a success or not. Be accountable, especially when others were badly affected by the decision you willingly made.

People Come and Go

It may sound painful, but not everyone you have in life right now is meant to stay. You could lose friendships along the way due to growing apart or some incident that pushed both of you to end things. The romantic relationship you have could also end, especially when things aren’t working out for both of you anymore. Elijahb88 wrote, “Nobody is obligated to be in your life. Years of commitment and love can go up in smoke because someone decided they were done with you.” Once you realize that falling out with someone is normal, it’ll be easier to accept changes. For this reason, you also have to learn to be alone, so you don’t depend on those who choose the other side of the road.

Rewards Are Reaped and Not Given

Others may seem to have it all figured out, but in reality, their achievements are the fruits of their labor. To attract the life you desire is to work for it, especially when you’re not privileged enough. “If you want a great life, great friends and experiences, you have to seek them out for yourself, and nurture them. They aren't randomly assigned to you, and no one else will take care of it but yourself (ofc also partly depending on other people, but you have to have agency,” fluffyegghead answered. It’s the hardest pill to swallow because sometimes you think you are destined for a particular track, but you have to hustle first. And once you reach that goal, you still have to double your efforts to maintain the success you gained.

No Assurance in Zero Mistakes

You have done things accordingly and did not overlook anything that might cause a hiccup, but a mishap will happen one way or another. Practicing for a match seven times a week for a year and yet your opponent still won is an example of this harsh truth. Unreliable–Narrator said, “It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose.” It’s natural to feel bad about yourself, but you have to eventually accept that unfortunate events happen. Sometimes you did all you can to save a relationship, but once your partner falls out of love, there’s no assurance that you’ll have them for the rest of your lives. The number of mistakes you committed doesn't determine how things will conclude.

Not Everyone Will Be There For You

Making friends is easy, but determining the real ones isn’t a piece of cake. “That a lot of people you have are just there for the fun times. When accidents and life trauma happens, most of the people you thought of as a safety net will just vanish,” ToppsHopps commented. You have to go through tough times to know who’s going to be there and offer genuine help when you can’t handle things alone. Sometimes people often connect with you because of convenience. You need to have the “it is what it is,” mindset to properly swallow that pill. The upside to this bitter truth is that you’ll get to know who actually cares. You’ll see the people who are for keeps — someone you can laugh with and, more importantly, your crying shoulder.

The hardest pills to swallow are bitter but definitely life-changing. It’s going to be a cycle that you’ll go through multiple times until you finally accept things for what they are. Life gives people the exam before the lessons, and the answers often come later. Years will pass until you can say to yourself, “so that’s why it happened,” or “things were never meant to work out for us because life has prepared other great things.” So once you face the harsh truth, be prepared to swallow the hardest pill to allow yourself to grow maturely. The answers in the comment section are like pieces of advice in a self-help book. Every response is worth the read, and you might find a comment suitable for your situation right now. Engage and enlighten others by also sharing your thoughts under OP’s post.

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