Ring Camera Captures the Moment a Dog Saves Family from an Intruder

Ring Camera Captures the Moment a Dog Saves Family from an Intruder

We all want to feel comfortable and safe in our homes, but at times, we may also face difficulties. These problems can come out of the blue, and we can't account for all of them and prepare in advance.

Then again, when we have a trusted dog by our side, they can really make a difference in our safety and security. One family learned this very well when they had an unexpected visitor at their front door.

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Capt. Quincy Sloan has served on the Bakersfield fire department for 28 years. He lives in the area and is happy with the location and the security it provides for his family.

Unfortunately, however, he isn't able to be there 24 hours a day to protect his family. He has a special needs son, and sometimes he has to be there on his own.

They do their best to stay secure, and this includes having a Ring doorbell. This device allows you to see who is at the door, and it even records what happens, which we are happy to see today.

It all started when Sloan's son was home by himself and a man rang the doorbell. The child didn't have any reason to feel there was danger, and he just figured somebody was delivering a package.

When he opened the door, the family dog suddenly bolted outside and started barking and growling. He seemed to have known that the person on the other side of the door had ill intent.

 width= Photos: YouTube / Fox54 News Huntsville

That person was identified as a convicted felon that lived in the local area. He rang the doorbell and left, but he wasn't very far away.

The family dog chased the man into a neighbor's garage, which was a bad idea for the felon. The property owner saw him come in, and the commotion was captured on another Ring doorbell camera.

You can't see what happens, but you can hear two gunshots ringing out. Those gunshots came from the felon, but he got a few gunshots coming back in his direction.

In the end, the dog saved the day, and the perp was sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds in critical condition.


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