Watch a Shy Rescue Donkey Turn into a Sassy Ball of Energy

Watch a Shy Rescue Donkey Turn into a Sassy Ball of Energy

We really feel for animals that were not treated well by their owners. They may have been physically abused, but even if they were just left alone, it can be a very traumatic experience.

Irvin was an animal that suffered from this difficulty. He was put up for auction as a young donkey, but it was likely that he would've been killed after being adopted.

The Solstice Sanctuary in Salem, Wisconsin, decided they couldn't let it happen. Rather than allowing him to be auctioned off to someone that wouldn't have his best interest at heart, they won the auction and brought him home.

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They brought him to their farm sanctuary, and there were plenty of other animals around for him to meet. The problem was, he was so painfully shy that he could barely hold his head up.

After receiving some TLC from the friendly folks at the sanctuary, and with some help from the other animals, Irvin really came out of his shell.

These days, the donkey is no longer shy. In fact, they described him as being sassy, and he loves chasing the owner's husband, Bradley, around the farm.

He has so much energy now it's difficult to get him to stop. That energy is easy to see when he plays with a ball.

 width= Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

They say that Irvin is like a little child, excitedly playing with the ball, falling on the ground, and getting back up again.

Every animal wants someone to love, and they want to be loved in return. At times, all that a animal needs is a little help and a push in the right direction.

Irvin started in a very bad situation. Some people even wondered if he would make it from one day to the next.

With some love from those at the Solstice Sanctuary, he did more than recover. He gained a new life, and his personality is shining through.

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