Deaf Mom Explains How She Knows When Her Baby Is Crying

Deaf Mom Explains How She Knows When Her Baby Is Crying

Coddling a crying baby is something that comes naturally to most mamas. It's one of the only ways a young baby can communicate their needs and get their parent's attention, but what happens if you can't actually hear a baby cry?

Cheyenna Clearbrook (TikTok user @cheyennaclearbrookxo) took to social media to share how she, as deaf mom, knows when her baby is crying. It's one of those things you probably wouldn't think about much unless it was impacting you especially, but its' something that impacts parents around the world.

In the video, she explains that she uses a special device at night that allows her to know when her baby is crying.

She signs, "This is the receiver. It connects with vibration and another device." When the baby cries, the device sends a signal to the sensor, which gets transmitted to the receiver, and alerts Mom to her crying baby through vibrations and flashing lights.

During the day, she uses a baby monitor like many parents use. With the video, she can visually see if her baby is moving around or crying for her, but it lights up to alert her of intense crying.

Check out the video below:

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In a follow-up video, Clearbrook further explains how deaf parents can tell the different cues their babies give off when they cry, such as when they're tired, hungry, or have a dirty diaper.

For hearing parents, the tone of a cry can say a lot, but what about for parents who can't heart? As Clearbrook explained, they simply rely on body language and common sense.

If her diaper smells, she's probably crying because she needs a diaper change. If it's lunch time and she's crying and putting her fist in her mouth, she's probably hungry. If it's nap time and she's rubbing her eyes, she's probably crying because she's tired.

While it may seem obvious, a lot of well-meaning people had no idea and she was happy to provide an explanation without judgment.

@cheyennaclearbrookxo How do deaf parents tell the different crying cues in their babies? Such as hungry, tired, and etc #deafcouple #deafparents #signlanguage #momtok #firstimemom #momsoftiktok #asl #postpartum ♬ original sound - Cheyenna Clearbrook

You can see more of Clearbrook and learn about her life as a parent and deaf woman on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram.

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