Husband "Test Drives" Parenthood By Renting A Raccoon

Husband "Test Drives" Parenthood By Renting A Raccoon

Deciding to have kids or not is a huge decision. Kids are incredibly demanding and life-changing, and it really takes someone special to be a caretaker in that capacity.

When engineer William Osman was approached by his wife, Chelsea, with a request to have kids, he worried about the kind of parent he'd be.

While some people would jump into parenthood without much thought, William wanted to be sure he had what it takes to be a fit parent. He wanted to test drive the responsibility, so he set out to rent a raccoon.

Given how high-demand raccoons are, similar to how children are, Osman thought being responsible for one would be similar to being responsible for a human.

Raccoons require a lot of work, including baby-proofing and constant attention. While they level of responsibility isn't quite the same as having a child, which comes with stronger legal implications, it's a good test drive either way.

Thankfully, Osman documented his journey of raccoon ownership and shared it on YouTube. He said in the video:

"Maybe being a parent isn't about things going right but learning how to deal with things going wrong. I doubt it was my parent's plan for me to smear poop on the walls or flatten my nose when I face-planted into the concrete floor, but what do I know? I'm just an idiot who rented a raccoon thinking it would behave like a child."

He ended the video by saying, "But am I ready to have a kid."

If you'd like to learn more about his experiment for yourself, be sure to check out his video below:

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