Iam Tongi And James Blunt's Emotional Duet Of "Monsters" Makes American Idol History

Iam Tongi And James Blunt's Emotional Duet Of "Monsters" Makes American Idol History

American Idol has long been a fan-favorite since its 2002 debut. Over the years, the show has crowned 21 winners, most recently a teen from Hawaii.

18-year-old William Tongi grew up in Kahuku, Hawaii but had to move stateside due to escalating prices on the island.

Despite his family's financial struggles and losing his father just months before his audition, Iam blew the judges away with his cover of "Monsters" by James Blunt. That song was dedicated to Blunt's father and Iam was able to emotionally connect with the song, given that he'd just lost his own father.

Iam's audition moved the judges, and viewers at home, to tears.

Months later, Iam was able to preform the song for the judges once again, but this time, he did it as a duet with James Blunt himself!

The duet was part of the 2023 American Idol finales and the audience and judges alike were moved to tears.

In the words of American Idol, their "Super Emotional Duet of 'Monsters' Makes Idol History."

Iam and Megan Danielle ended up going head-to-head as the American Idol finalists, but Iam ended up winning.

It's rare when you see so many people voting in unison for one person, but Iam had a strong following from day 1.

You can see Iam and Blunt performing the duet of "Monsters" in the video below:

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