Inspirational Signs Surprisingly Appeared Weeks After Hurricane Ian

Inspirational Signs Surprisingly Appeared Weeks After Hurricane Ian

Many communities have been challenged through the years by various disasters that are either natural or man-made. Being affected by a natural disaster is tougher since humans cannot control it. People are only advised to take precautionary measures and prepare emergency kits during such times. The aftermath is the hardest part of experiencing hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, and earthquakes. Due to shock, people cannot process or immediately absorb when their homes are severely destroyed. Starting over again is not gonna be a walk in the park — it’s only normal to feel discouraged after a tribulation.

Nevertheless, you will never be alone. You have your family, the community, and NGOs to reach out with a helping hand. Standing up will be a lot easier because of teamwork. Some people will donate food, clothing, or basic sanitary needs to victims. There are others who will offer places to stay for those who have lost their homes. Anyone can help in their own genuine ways. In Fort Myers, aside from the usual help people receive, a mysterious person or group had something different in mind. A few weeks after the disaster of Hurricane Ian in September 2022, sign boards with words of affirmation sprouted in different areas of the city.

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Hurricane Ian hit Fort Myers Beach with a 20-foot wall of storm surge that ruined most of their area. The community worked together to recover several areas, homes, and establishments. As a society, Fort Myers wasn’t just geographically affected; people were emotionally devastated by the outcome. But according to the mysterious group of people who put up the signage, “Everything will be okay.” Everyone needed that assurance. According to reports, those signs can be seen along Gladiolus Drive to Summerlin Parkway and McGregor Boulevard.

NBC2 News featured the inspiring sign boards and gathered opinions from several citizens. Everyone was touched by the message that comes with a red heart. But no one really knew the person behind such a heartwarming project. The person continued to be a mystery, but the effect of the message was apparent to those who passed by the signs. It might have sprouted a few weeks after the hurricane, but people surely haven’t moved on. They still needed that encouragement — a reminder that everything would be alright in time.

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