Bomb-Sniffing K9 Gets Some Sweet Comfort During A Thunderstorm

Bomb-Sniffing K9 Gets Some Sweet Comfort During A Thunderstorm

It doesn't matter how big or tough we are. We all have a weakness. Even Superman had kryptonite, so it's no surprise that even a bomb-sniffing K9 would also have a fear.

Fortunately, the dog was not alone as he went through a difficult time. It happened when bad weather rolled through Johnson County, and Senna, a police dog trained to sniff bombs, was not fond of the loud noises.

The police officer from Olathe, Kansas, was quick to pick up the dog and cuddle close under an umbrella. Senna seemed to appreciate the attention, and we appreciate that they posted a video.

That video posted on TikTok by the police department was captioned: "When your bomb-sniffing K9 needs a little extra TLC during a thunderstorm."

They also ensured that Senna was well taken care of, including the caption, "Got your six, Senna." In other words, they had her back.

It isn't just the fact that the K-9 was being comforted during a frightening time, it's the entire picture that really has captured the hearts and attention of the Internet.

The look on Senna's face shows just how concerned she is about the loud noises the thunder was making. The fact that they are covered with a Winnie the Pooh umbrella also adds to it.

Many people who watched the video also commented on how it made their day.

@jocosheriffsoffice Got your six, Senna. #JohnsonCounty #SheriffsOffice #Kansas #K9love #cophumor #mood ♬ Sure Thing (cover version) - Tik Toker

I can't necessarily attest to Senna's bomb-sniffing capabilities but she sure has the ability to melt parts.

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