Kim Kardashian Encourages Fans To Get $2,500 Cancer Scan

Kim Kardashian Encourages Fans To Get $2,500 Cancer Scan

Kim Kardashian is well known from the reality TV series Keeping up with the Kardashians. The 42-year-old SKIMS founder regularly makes headlines for various attention-grabbing antics, and recently, she's been making the rounds once again.

Kardashian has been receiving criticism after encouraging fans to get a $2,500 cancer scan.

The scan, something Kardashian got for herself, is through a company called Prenuvo.

She shared about it on Instagram, saying, "I recently did this @prenuvo scan and had to tell you all about this life saving machine. The Prenuvo full-body scan has the ability to detect cancer and diseases such as aneurysms in its earliest stages, before symptoms arise. It was like getting a MRI for an hour with no radiation. It has really saved some of my friends lives and I just wanted to share #NotAnAd."

After she shared the post, many people criticized her for being out of touch. Considering each scan costs around $2,500, it's really only something a select few can afford.

"The vast majority of society can’t even afford insurance for a simple wellness checkup," one person commented. "Unfortunately, us regular people can’t afford this type of preventative care. Most insurances won’t cover this," someone else chimed in.

According to CBS News, the American College of Radiology does not recommend total body screenings for patients without clinical symptoms, risk factors, or a family history that warrants it.

They state: "To date, there is no documented evidence that total body screening is cost-efficient or effective in prolonging life. In addition, the ACR is concerned that such procedures will lead to the identification of numerous non-specific findings that will not ultimately improve patients' health but will result in unnecessary follow-up testing and procedures, as well as significant expense. The ACR will continue to monitor scientific studies concerning the utility of screening total body MRI."

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