Meet The Kitten Born With Three Eyes

Meet The Kitten Born With Three Eyes

I have to admit, I think that kittens are the most adorable things on the face of the planet.

There is nothing quite like them, regardless of whether they are sleeping or playing with a ball of yarn.

The thing that I love about kittens is the fact that they are each unique creatures. They all have their own personality and sometimes, they have certain physical traits that make them unique as well.

This fact was brought out nicely by a woman named Rubie. Her cat had recently had kittens and when she looked at the litter, she noticed that one of them didn't quite look like the others.

It took some time to sink in but the little kitten actually had three eyes!

TikTok user @90s_kid_1nonly shared a video of the tiny kitten after it was born. If you look at the top of the kitten's right eyeball, you can see the extra eyeball on top.

On one of the trips to the veterinarian's office, a woman saw the kitten and fell in love with him. She ended up adopting him and naming him Chakra.

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According to his new owner, Chakra is doing great. It's unclear if he can see on the side with the extra eye, but it's likely that he's blind.

In an Instagram post, she explained that "Chakra is doing great," though he was diagnosed with scoliosis and is possibly partially deaf.

She went on to say on TikTok that he's just a normal kitten with an extra eye. They plan to leave his eye alone unless it becomes an issue and that point, they would call in a specialist to help.

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You can keep up with Chakra on TikTok and Instagram!

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