Deaf Rescue Dog Doesn't Realize His Bark Is Silent

Deaf Rescue Dog Doesn't Realize His Bark Is Silent

Animals come in all different shapes and sizes and are meant to be loved, but some come with a little extra to love about them.

Just like people, some animals can experience certain physical disabilities like deafness or blindness. But just because they're made differently doesn't mean that they're any less worthy of being loved.

It certainly doesn't detract from the ability to lead full, happy lives. Additionally, all animals, regardless of their physical abilities, can bring an incredible amount of joy into our lives.

One such pooch is Link. This little cutie is deaf, and as a result of his deafness, he can't hear himself meaning he has no idea if he's being loud or quiet.

Well, as it turns out, when Link barks, he actually barks quietly because he's unable to hear himself. A video of him "barking" has gone viral as so many people can't seem to be able to get enough of the adorable display caught on camera.

In fact, the video, which was uploaded to TikTok by the Special Needs Animal Rescue League - also known as SNARL - has amassed quite an impressive number of views.

In total, the video has been viewed more than 13.5 million times!

Watch the adorable video of Link down below:

@snarlrescue The absolute sass #deaf #deafdog #bark #frenchton ♬ original sound - SNARL Rescue 🐾 ♿️

What do you think of Link's silent bark? Have you ever had a deaf dog before? Let us know!

Anastasia Arellano

Anastasia is an American ex-pat living in Ireland. When she's not writing she can be found wandering the Irish countryside in search of inspiration. You can follow her writing adventures on Twitter @AnastasiaArell5 or Instagram @writeranastasia26

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