Guy Shares Ice Cream with a Sweet-Toothed Lizard from the Sky!

Guy Shares Ice Cream with a Sweet-Toothed Lizard from the Sky!

Did you know that, aside from running, climbing, and gliding, lizards can walk on water too?

Belonging to the Class Reptilia and Order Squamata, there are more than 4,675 species of lizards, according to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. These include geckos, iguanas, chameleons, skinks, monitors, and Gila monsters. They are closely related to snakes, but lizards have a long body and tail, movable eyelids, four legs, and a body that's covered by rough skin, scales, or spines.

These animals are ubiquitous, and found in every part of our planet except Antarctica. The world's smallest lizard is the "Sphaerodactylus ariasae," which was discovered in the Caribbean in 2001. It measures only about 16 millimeters, or about 3/4 inch, in length.

On the other hand, the largest and heaviest lizard in the world is the Komodo dragon. Notorious for its venomous bite, this lizard can be found only in Indonesia -- on the islands of Rintja, Padar and Flores, and Komodo, in the Lesser Sunda archipelago.

It's a very good thing that, in this viral post on Tiktok, the lizard that fell on an ice cream cone was a common species and not a Komodo. The little guy must have been as surprised as the boyfriend of this Original Poster.

But then, after the cold shock, the sweetness of the ice cream caught the tiny lizard's fancy. It couldn't resist getting a free taste of the strange yet yummy thing.

Well, seeing that the little guy was captivated by a new gastronomic experience, OP's boyfriend allowed the animal to indulge in his ice cream. It's not every day that baby lizards like it could enjoy a creamy, sweet treat like we humans do!

Jill Marie wrote, "I don’t dream of riches or fame, I dream of little lizards falling on my ice cream and tasting it."

Likewise, RayaRose commented, I wouldn't even be mad. I'd be like 'That's yours now sweetie, eat up💖.'"

A humorous remark from DarkusBoiiii: "He was tasting it to make sure it wasn’t poisonous for you, he’s so kind."

And more fascinating facts from Ehdeedee: "I think that’s a Mourning Gecko. Super cute. They are all girls and just clone themselves. Cool lizards 🦎"

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