Lonely Horse Spends 17 Years In Solitary Until Finally Making A Friend

Lonely Horse Spends 17 Years In Solitary Until Finally Making A Friend

It is nice to occasionally have some time to yourself so you can sit and reflect, but that is only something you should do temporarily. All of us need companionship, and that is something that is also true of animals.

According to GeoBeats Animals, Gidget is a perfect example of how an animal needs companionship. The Suffolk Punch mare lived in a barn's basement all by herself and she did so for 17 years.

For at least a decade of her life, she hadn't been around people or other horses. It was a very sad situation and loneliness undoubtedly enveloped Gidget as she lived one day after another in solitude.

Gidget had an older owner who would feed her using a feeding chute. The food would land in her bin, so she had enough to eat, but there was no personal connection.

She continued to live this life until finally, Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary heard about her predicament. That is when they stepped up to the plate and rescued Gidget so she would no longer be lonely.

You can see the excitement in her eyes when she stepped off the truck and onto the farm. It was an absolute paradise to Gidget, and she couldn't wait to make a friend.

As GeoBeats Animals shared, she didn't have to wait very long, because the horse in the stall next to her needed a friend as well. They bonded in a beautiful way.

Gidget was already 17 at this time and she only had a year to live. Thanks to the kindness of Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary, she was able to live her last year of life in happiness.

When Gidget died, her friend, Peggy, had difficulty dealing with it. She fell into a depression and wouldn't leave the front of Gidget's halter.

The depression ended up paying a physical toll on Peg as her body was inflamed and she couldn't walk. She has been dealing with laminitis ever since that time.

They even tried to get Peggy to be friends with a pair of donkeys, but she didn't bond. It wasn't until they brought Bourbon, another mini horse onto the farm that she finally found some relief from her depression.

Peggy and Bourbon are now best friends and spend their time together.

Finally, Peggy's health is improving but she still has to deal with her painful health condition, laminitis.

The humans at the sanctuary manage her diet, bedding, medication, and all aspects of our healthcare. Even so, she will always have to deal with this condition.

Let's just hope that her new friend will make her feel better where it counts.

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