Man Sees Something Hiding In The Mud And Stops To Investigate

Man Sees Something Hiding In The Mud And Stops To Investigate

A man ended up saving a life after stopping to investigate an unusual-looking spot in the mud.

It all started when TikTok user @keshnah was driving down the road in the Al Qasim region of Saudi Arabia.

As he drove, something in the mud on the road ahead of him caught his eye. While many people might've continued driving, @keshnah decided to stop the car and investigate.

The man uploaded a video of the incident on TikTok and you can see him walk over to the mud and say (translated), "What is this? I almost ran him over."

Further investigation reveals the muddy clump is actually a hedgehog!

The poor thing someone found itself trapped on its back in the mud. It would've been run over entirely if @keshnah hadn't stopped to get out and see what it was.

"Thank God I noticed you and focused on the road or you would have been in a different situation," he says to the hedgehog as he pulls it from the mud.

Not only did the kindhearted man free the hedgehog but he went out of his way to give the little critter a spray down to remove all the dirt caked on its body!

You can see the rescue for yourself in the video below:


ساقني الله له عشان ابعده عن درب السيارات واظح انه له يوم كامل ناشب بالطين

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