Man Rescues Baby Hummingbird And Teaches Her To Fly

Man Rescues Baby Hummingbird And Teaches Her To Fly

Life can be difficult when you are a little creature and living outside of your element. That is especially true for the young animals that don't have the opportunity to learn from their parents.

When we see such an animal, our heart goes out to them, and we want to do what we can to help. It may just be pointing them in the right direction, but it can assist them in getting back to life as usual.

Sometimes, an animal may need extra help, and a man named Sam Malloy was willing to step up and do the right thing when he saw the need.

According to The Dodo, when Sam found a baby hummingbird that couldn't fly, he decided the best thing to do was to take her home and nurse her back to health. He wanted to make sure she was strong enough to fly on her own.

In one of his videos, he described finding "Flit," saying he saw a lump on the sidewalk. When he realized she was only a baby and didn't know how to fly, he knew he had to help.

Flit was having a difficult time of it and had obviously been malnourished for a while. Sam took a syringe and fed her regularly, but he also taught her some real-world skills.

He used a perch made of items found around the home to teach her how to fly. After she started flying, he would wrap the syringe in red tissue paper to make it look like a flower.

Eventually, it came time to release Flit, and he felt a lot of satisfaction when doing so. He had nursed a small creature back to health and got her strong enough to live independently.

Check out the videos below:

You can see more of their story in the video below, courtesy of The Dodo:

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