The Beautiful Moment a Woman Meets Her New Guide Dog

The Beautiful Moment a Woman Meets Her New Guide Dog

Most people go about their daily lives without giving any thought to getting from point A to point B. For someone who is sight impaired, however, the struggle is something that is in front of them all of the time.

Some people use a cane to move about, and they prefer being able to feel what is in front of them before they walk. Others, however, appreciate using a guide dog and the freedom it offers.

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That was the case with Donna Purcell, who lost her guide dog and was living without a dog for nine months. It was a struggle, but she was eventually able to find a new friend.

Her old dog, Dora, was no longer there to help her as she traveled on public transportation or worked in the office. She worked at the National Disability Insurance Agency, and she appreciated the help that a dog provided.

Finding a New Guide Dog

Typically, guide dogs retire when they are nearing the end of their life. This is to give the dog a break and to allow enough time to find a new dog as a replacement.

It isn't simply a matter of finding any dog that is trained as a guide dog. There are specific things that must be considered, depending upon the person and lifestyle they live.

 width= Photos: YouTube / ABC News (Australia)

Donna needed a dog that was good on all forms of public transportation and could help her in an office environment.

It took nine months, but eventually, they were able to find a new dog for Donna. That dog, Ava, arrived, and everyone was thrilled that she was there.

In fact, they even rolled out the red carpet to welcome Ava and gave her the royal treatment.

As for Donna, she is happy with Ava because she will take the instruction necessary to help her get around every day. This could even include public transportation, such as finding the escalators and choosing the up or down side.

The choice of whether to use a guide dog is a very personal one. For Donna, the day she got a new guide dog was a beautiful experience, and you get to be there for that special moment.

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