Disabled Dog Gets Wheelchair Gifted From Mercedes Benz & Others

Disabled Dog Gets Wheelchair Gifted From Mercedes Benz & Others


A sweet dog named Bunny was recently gifted a new set of wheels from auto manufacturer Mercedes Benz. Why? As it turns out, the 2-year-old, rescued in Mexico, was hit by a car and left to fend for herself. When rescue workers found her, she was described as being covered in ticks and maggots and having a swollen face due to numerous dog bites. That's in addition to the lack of use in her rear legs.

Sad? Heartbreakingly so. Unusual? Regrettably not. But what was unique was her receiving her very own custom doggy wheelchair from Mercedes Benz last month.

As the story goes, Mercedes Benz partnered up with Eddie's Wheels. If you're not familiar with them by now, Eddie's is well-known for its custom wheelchairs for disabled pets. Between the two groups, Bunny was gifted the wheelchair that, by all accounts, she's taken to like a duck to water.

Animal Rescue

Bunny was initially rescued by The Animal Pad — a dog rescue in San Diego working in partnership with Los Adoptables, which is located in Ensenada, Mexico, and Keeping Finn, an animal rescuer by the name of Henry Friedman with a large social media presence — back in the spring.

The Animal Pad posted a video on Instagram in late April where they explained to their followers, "When we first showed up, the dog's owner was playing soccer with his buddy all while his dog was wasting away on the ground no more than 10 feet away."

At some point, Bunny was brought to a veterinarian for an exam and then, later on, the rescue crossed into the U.S. with Bunny, who was in deplorable shape. We warn you ahead of time that if you click on the video link above, you might cry, so proceed with caution.

Special Needs Pets

With no real recourse, veterinarians determined that the removal of Bunny's hind legs was warranted, and she underwent surgery to have them amputated. The good news is that the surgery was a success and The Animal Pad sweetly posted, "5 days post-surgery, here she is, hippity-hoppity right into her brand new life."

Henry Friedman also shared further updates on Bunny's condition and progress, which led to a random comment that not only got his attention but the ball rolling on the involvement of Mercedes Benz. It occurred on Instagram when a user wrote on one of Friedman's Bunny updates saying, "This dog deserves the Mercedes Benz of wheelchairs!❤️"

Friedman replied in a follow-up, "I thought it was a funny comment, and of course, Bunny does deserve the absolute best. So I actually reached out to Mercedes Benz."

True to his word, Friedman shared Bunny's tragic story with MB and pitched the idea of designing a custom wheelchair for her.

Mercedes Benz

"Not only did they freaking love it, they also agreed to hook Bunny up with a fresh set of wheels," Friedman went on. Then last month in July, Bunny was ushered inside the Mercedes Benz offices to be presented with her brand new rig emblazoned with the company's name across the chest strap and its own California vanity plate with the message "Bunny's Benz" on the back.

In another video, Bunny can be seen zooming around and exploring the terrain with her new wheels. Mercedes commended Bunny and included a comment on their own on Friedman's post saying, "Bunny was always worthy! A true fighter."

Now that Bunny's fully recovered and in control of her Benz buggy, she's finally ready for adoption! If you or someone you know might be interested in adopting her, please visit The Animal Pad link above. Also, please share her story as much as possible to help increase her chances of success. Finally, if you're on IG and you'd like to follow Bunny, she has a page of her own now, too.

Check out the cute video below...


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