Young Monty is Ready for a Home of His Own if You're Ready for Snuggles

Young Monty is Ready for a Home of His Own if You're Ready for Snuggles


If you’re looking for a calm companion, Monty is definitely your guy. He is rather quiet and reserved for a kitten, though curiosity will get the best of him, and he'll want to explore, stare out of windows, and find ways to play. His favorite toy is anything furry or stringy that moves.

Rescue Cats Rule

Monty isn't a vocal kitten, either, and he is initially shy to ask for love, so he would like his new owner to be patient and give him attention in a gentle, thoughtful manner while he warms up to you. Eventually, he will roll over for tummy tickles, purr for pets, and snuggle.

Kitten Love

At 4 months old, this handsome boy doesn't mind being picked up after he's comfortable and can easily fall asleep on your lap or by your side. He is on the small side for his age due to starting life in a colony but is doing well, regardless!

Adoptable Felines

Monty likes to meet new people once he's adapted to his environment, and oddly enough he enjoys observing humans play board games. He would be fine with kitty friends. He can also adapt to respectful dogs and kids with proper introductions and time to adjust.

Adopt, Don't Shop

Monty is neutered, current on vaccines, dewormed, and microchipped. He's also house-trained and has no special needs. If you're interested in adding this sweet baby house panther to your family, please fill out the adoption application on the SACatRescue website. If you have questions before proceeding, you can reach out to them at (520) 200-1643 or by emailing

Helping Shelter & Rescue Pets

If you're just browsing, please share Monty's info with as many folks as you can to help up his chances of adoption that much sooner.

Rebecca West

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