Moose Appears To Be Running On Water In Viral Video

Moose Appears To Be Running On Water In Viral Video

It's not every day that you get to witness something bizarre. But if you spend enough time outdoors in nature, sometimes you will see something that makes you do a double take. Of course, nothing prepares you for seeing something truly insane, like a moose running on water. That is definitely not something that would ever cross our minds as being remotely possible. We all know that a moose is a very, very large and heavy animal. That is why we'd never imagine them being capable of running on water.

But there is one very funny video clip from a TikTok user, kristy_234, which shows a large moose running on water. The clip, which was taken in Alaska, is more of an optical illusion.

He's not really running on the water's surface like it might appear at first. The reality was that the moose was running along in shallow water, but because it's so large and tall, it looks like he's traversing the water's surface.

Viewers of the video have pointed out that the woman who uploaded the clip is most likely riding along the shallow water in an airboat, which is flat-bottomed and capable of riding in extremely shallow waters. So, mystery solved.

However, there were some viewers who voiced concern over the moose possibly being scared by the airboat, which might drive him into deeper waters where he could become injured or drown. But hopefully that wasn't the case.

Watch the video below:

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