Influencer "Mr. Beast" Cures Blindness For 1,000 People

Influencer "Mr. Beast" Cures Blindness For 1,000 People

If you haven't heard of Mr. Beast, you probably don't spend much time on YouTube.

His videos are among the most successful, and thanks to his success, he has done some amazing things.

Some of the money he makes from his videos is put back into making other videos of epic proportions. That was true of a recent video in which he cured 1000 people who were blind by giving them eye surgery.

In the video, the 24-year-old Mr. Beast says they would cure 1000 people's blindness. Since being posted, the video has gained more than 75 million views in the first four days.

In order to make this a reality, Mr. beast worked along with a surgeon, Jeff Levinson, to provide cataract surgery. The individuals in the video were legally blind because of cataracts, but they didn't have insurance, so they couldn't afford the surgery.

Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. Mr. Beast, showed the patients removing their bandages after surgery and how they reacted. Many of them had not seen clearly in years.

One of the patients said they could see his face, even though they hadn't been able to see clearly for 62 years.

In order to find the patients that would go through the procedure, they reached out to free clinics and homeless shelters. They wanted to find those in the Jacksonville area who needed cataract surgery but couldn't afford it.

After a group of 40 patients was gathered, Levinson performed the surgery in one day. They then contacted a nonprofit, SEE International, that helped him to reach the goal of 1000 patients. It took three weeks to perform all of the surgeries.

He also gave gifts to some of the other patients, including $10,000 and a Tesla.

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