You Can Name A "Crappy Ex" After A Cat's Litter Box This Valentine's Day

You Can Name A "Crappy Ex" After A Cat's Litter Box This Valentine's Day

If you're wondering how to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, you may want to look no further than the Animal Friends and Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio.

That animal shelter is offering a unique way to celebrate the day, with an anti-Valentine's Day approach. Rather than do something sweet for your someone special, you can do something vengeful for your ex.

If you'd like to show them just how "crappy" you think they are, what better way than by putting their name on a litter box that will be used by actual cats?

The shelter took to Facebook to share about the Valentine's special. They wrote:

"Do you have a crappy ex? Don't spend this Valentine's Day down in the dumps! Instead, cheer yourself up while making a difference for animals in need!

For a $5 donation we will write your Ex's name in a litterbox and give it to the cats, to let them do what they do best!"

The shelter revealed that they'll be accepting donations for the special from February 1st through February 12th. On Valentine's Day, they'll share a video on Facebook showcasing all of the names they received and put in the litterboxes.

Donations can be made through Venmo, a QR code, or in-person at the shelter directly. Either way, your ex's name will appear on a rock in a litter box just waiting for cats to do their business.

Would you put your ex's name on a litterbox (especially since it's for a good cause)? Let us know!

Malorie Thompson

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