Neglected Horse Starving For Food Finally Gets The Care And Freedom She Deserves

Neglected Horse Starving For Food Finally Gets The Care And Freedom She Deserves

There are so many beautiful things to see in life but nothing quite compares to a horse running in an open field. There is just something majestic about what you see as it happens in front of you.

Anyone who loves horses and spends any time around them realizes they have a need to feel that freedom. All too often, however, they are abused and neglected.

Thankfully, there are kind individuals out there who will go the extra mile to help horses in need. That includes the kind people at Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue.

According to The Dodo, they received an anonymous call about some horses that were having problems. Those horses were being starved to death and nobody seemed to care about them.

When the rescue arrived, the horses were all skin and bones. They also suffered from anxiety but things were going to change for the better.

The founder of the rescue, Deanna, said it didn't take a trained eye to see the poor health of the horses. That includes one that was in worse shape than the others, Rosie.

Rosie was so thin and sickly that it looked like she could've dropped in a heartbeat. You could see her ribs to the point where you could count each and her hair was torn and matted.

The worst part was when you looked Rosie in the eye. You could see the anxiety from all of the abuse she had gone through.

Rosie had been stuck in an area with another horse named Midnight and her daughter, Britt. They actually had to fight for food in order to survive.

They still had one friend in life, Amanda, and when she met Rosie, the horse was risking her life for a little grass.

Rosie was reaching under an electric fence to get some green grass on the other side. She knew that it had to help because it broke her heart. The two became very attached to each other and they have been through a lot.

Thanks to the rescue, the horses are now being fed and were about to be given a bath. They also had their hooves trimmed so they could have the best day of their life.

Finally, these horses would be well enough so they could be provided the freedom to run. It was an unbelievable joy for everyone involved, especially the horses.

When Rosie took her first steps toward freedom, she had already put on some weight and she looked fantastic. She no longer had the anxiety, because she had been given all the love she could handle.

Deanna and Amanda were together when the horses were set free to run in the open field. The gate was then opened, and the horses paused just long enough to think before they bolted.

Rosie and the other horses are safe now. They don't have to worry about their next meal or where they will find a place to stay. They are healthy, and that's the way it's going to be from now on.

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