Landlord Becomes Legal Guardian Of Senior Woman In His Apartment Building

Landlord Becomes Legal Guardian Of Senior Woman In His Apartment Building

Most people who invest in real estate are used to people making unusual demands. They typically revolve around money, but in some cases, they may involve something deeper.

Brock Cvijanovich is familiar with this type of situation. Still, when he wanted to buy his first apartment building in upstate New York, it came with a situation he wasn't expecting. Upon purchasing the building, he also became the guardian of a 93-year-old woman.

In speaking with Fox News, Cvijanovich said that someone else had offered to pay $100,000 more for the property.

After being told that someone at the complex needed care, he backed out. In turn, Cvijanovich saved $50,000 and stepped up to the plate.

The previous property owner was getting ready to retire, but up until that time, he had been caring for a woman who had lived in the building for 60 years. That former owner escorted Alice Schuman to her bank, the doctor, and everywhere else.

The cost of her apartment was also lower than the others, which typically went for around $2000 a month. Alice was only paying $200 for her apartment.

Cvijanovich took things in stride, helping Alice to get to her daily errands and only charging her $200 for rent. After Alice went to the hospital, things took another turn but he was there for her.

According to Fox News, since Alice didn't have any living relatives, the state was going to be given responsibility for her care. Cvijanovich got a lawyer to ensure he could be her legal guardian, fearing that she would not be cared for by the state properly.

The hospital said he would visit her daily to bring her food and flowers. They even joked that she had a young boyfriend.

While she was in the hospital, he kept the apartment empty. He didn't collect any rent for an entire year, hoping that she would make it back home again.

Unfortunately, Alice passed away from pneumonia, but Cvijanovich was there with his mother to hold her hand until the last minute.

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