Baby Rescue Beaver Separates Her Toys From Her Sticks

Baby Rescue Beaver Separates Her Toys From Her Sticks

A little rescue beaver has formed an adorable habit: She separates her toys from her dam-building sticks!

According to GeoBeats Animals, Nibi the beaver was found walking alongside the road as a tiny baby.

Thankfully, Good Samaritans called Newhouse Wildlife Rescue and rescuers quickly secure the little beaver and ensured she was safe.

Over the next few days, attempts were made to find Nibi's mom in the wild and to get them reunited, but a mother beaver never showed up. After exhausting all their methods to find the mom, the rescue decided Nibi would have to stay in their care.

That was around a year ago now, and ever since, the rescuers have been awestruck by Nibi and her unique intelligence.

Because beavers need constant stimulation and enrichment, Nibi regularly has access to stocks for dam-building and toys for playing. But what's peculiar is that if her toys and sticks are all mixed together, she goes through the effort of separating them! It's like she can distinguish tools from toys.

Considering some beavers would simply use the toys to build a dam alongside the sticks, it's interesting to see how Nibi differentiates between the two materials.

While Nibi is being raised in captivity and is quite smart, the goal is to get her to a place where she can be released back into the wild at two or three years old.

To see more of Nibi, be sure to check out the video below:

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