Artist Creates "Nightmarish" Underwater Sculptures That Are Strangely Beautiful

Artist Creates "Nightmarish" Underwater Sculptures That Are Strangely Beautiful

We all have different fears, but let's be honest, besides spiders, a pretty common fear shared by many people would have to be the ocean...or at least the many possibilities of monsters lurking beneath the waves.

It's no wonder that thalassophobia is a common fear. But there is one Japanese artist who is taking peoples' natural fears of the unknown in the water and turning them into art!

The Japanese artist who goes by the name Thalasso hobbyer on social media, creates these nightmarish dioramas made entirely out of resin.

The sculptured scenes depict a variety of giant monsters, and many of them have scarily big teeth and other horrifying features!

But, the best part is that not only do you get to see just how these depictions are created, but you also get an explanation of the bigger story.

Quite neat!

As Thalasso hobbyer explains on YouTube: "I have created a diorama with a waterfront theme and uploaded a making-of movie on YouTube."

Check out the video below:

And if giant octopuses or squids are the stuff of your underwater nightmares, then check out this diorama below:

Wouldn't want to be in a real-life situation like that, would you? Probably not! But the artistry is incredible.

The artist also does replicas of ancient sea monsters, like in this video below:

Aren't you glad that fish isn't around anymore?

Check out one more below:

What is your nightmare underwater scenario? Let us know!

Anastasia Arellano

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