The Oldest Items These Redditors Own Will Surely Pique Your Interest

The Oldest Items These Redditors Own Will Surely Pique Your Interest

The Earth has been around for billions of years, and a lot has happened. Each generation has different experiences and outlooks of the world. If you go back in time, you’ll be amazed at how society has progressed, and yet some things stick around through the ages. People can only take a glimpse of the past through books, documentation, and items from a particular year. Objects are a great representation of generations that have already passed. These items are found in museums, family possessions, or personal collections. Every piece holds a fascinating story, especially when passed down from person to person. It’s crazy how a certain object contains so many memories and has surpassed time. That’s why vintage memorabilia is of immense value — a rare treasure with an interesting history.

Owning vintage items is a topic well-talked about online. It’s a recommendable conversation starter — you’ll have fun digging deep into an item’s history or a person’s interest. People often possess old objects because they have a passion for collecting or it’s a family heirloom. It’s amazing how one item can create an engaging conversation. A Redditor started one with the question, “What is the oldest thing you own?” The post by whydidisayno gained 1.5k upvotes and 4.2k comments. Everyone who participated had a unique item indicated in their answers. A few of the responses are listed below.


Wooden furniture is one of the most common vintage items owned by a person. The story behind the furniture makes the object special and valuable. A desk is vieniaida’s oldest possession which was a gift from his parents. They bought the desk in 1950, and it is as old as vieniaida. One Redditor funnily asked if he himself was the desk due to age similarity. “They probably bought him a desk as a birth day gift,” GreatNameLOL69 guessed. If it is, then it’s a possession that vieniaida holds dearly.

Antique Clocks

Old watches and clocks are fun to collect due to the variation in size, design, and mechanisms. 114631 shared that he has a few antique clocks from the mid-1800s. According to his response to Eminaminam, the antique clocks were an heirloom from a great-grandfather who fixed clocks before. Other Redditors replied to his answer to share their own clock belongings. Interestingly, 114631 added that, nature-wise, the oldest items he has are some shark teeth from a creek bed.

Fossil Collection

You can't get much older than a fossil from the Earth’s earliest periods. Fossils are collected out of interest or dedication to finding new scientific discoveries. Also, fossils are proof that different species of animals roamed around the Earth before everyone else. “My grampa gave me his fossil collection. Those are at least 50 years old,” seabass4507 shared. Some replied about a fossil they own, while others focused on the age of the fossils. They questioned the fossil collection a bit — turning the discussion to the education route.

Antique China Cabinet

“I have my great grandmother's (possibly great great grandmother's?) gorgeous antique china cabinet from the late 1800’s that used to store beautiful dishes and art from Italy mostly. Now it is a beautiful display for my Lego sets,” emf3rd31495 answered. Chinaware is greatly treasured by older generations — porcelains are lovely and special belongings at home. That’s why back then, people needed a China cabinet to safely store precious porcelain. What makes the furniture more special is that it’s an important remembrance of a loved one. They treasured it, so it’s the receiver's responsibility to take care of the cabinet as well.


Writings from a different era will surely pique your interest. It’s fascinating to read the point of view of someone that lived centuries ago. Obi_Wank_nooby wrote, “We have a couple of Italian books from the mid 1500s at my grandmas house. I read a few of them, and they are really interesting because they contain maps of the world as Italians imagined it back then, just a few decades after Colombo discovered the new continent. Some are written by hand with all sorts of curious drawings.” Reading books is certainly an endless stream of knowledge that can serve multiple generations. You’ll be reminded that the world is vast, and there is a lot to know from different timelines.

The oldest items in your house carry knowledge, wisdom, and proof of existence. It’s only right to keep those things, especially when cherished by an ancestor or a loved one. Each item is an eye-opener that often leads you to hours of research. And if you have one at home, you better join the discussion and share the story of the oldest item from your belongings. Also, you’ll have a fun time if you have a great love for history. Comment now!

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