Pauly Wants a Biscuit & a Forever Home, Not a Cracker & a Shoulder to Perch On

Pauly Wants a Biscuit & a Forever Home, Not a Cracker & a Shoulder to Perch On

Pima Animal Care Center

Pauly may want a biscuit but he's no parrot. He is actually a super cute puppy — well, practically a puppy at under two years old, anyway. He's currently residing at the Pima Animal Care Center's shelter facility in Tucson, Arizona, where he's a volunteer favorite. Here's what some of his biggest fans have to say about this sweet boy:

"First time walking Pauly. He was very enthusiastic in his kennel with bright eyes and a wiggly body (puppy behavior). I leashed him up easily from the outside and off we went. He is an energetic walker and a very engaging companion. He was comfortable with gentle touch, and he soon was actively seeking affection. He also took treats from my hand with a gentle mouth. He loved exploring the sights and scents around the lake. At this age, Pauly is an energetic dog who will need an active partner who can give him plenty of exercise and stimulation."

"Pauly and I had a calm and gentle walk. He maintained a nice pace, which made for a great outing. We stopped and he took treats from my hand. We walked around the lake and he loved exploring and sniffing. We did not see many dogs, as it was early in the morning. This was a pleasant walk, and I look forward to walking Pauly again soon if he's not already adopted."

Staff at PACC state that in a foster care situation, Pauly was said to be housebroken, generally quiet, energetic, and loved his toys. He enjoyed sleeping near his people at night or on the comfy couch, and he is a big fan of rope toys and tennis balls. He was described as a quirky boy who walks well on a leash and is working on his reactivity to other dogs. He did well in a fairly busy environment with multiple housemates and is on the prowl for a dog-savvy forever family who can keep him busy and work with him on a bit of training.

When meeting other dogs in playgroup, Pauly was social and very playful with a rough-and-tumble play style. He'll do great in an active home with plenty to keep him busy. A home without small dogs, cats, or other small animals would probably be best. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Pauly, please email with additional questions of for an application.

Pauly is a white and tan Carolina Dog mix that is neutered, approximately 2 years old, and weighs about 64 pounds. He's been at the shelter since September 2022, and is ready to go home today! Look for him in Kennel D045. His ID# is A788720.

Rebecca West

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