Police Rescue Puppy Covered In Swastikas And Expletives

Police Rescue Puppy Covered In Swastikas And Expletives

The thought of innocent and defenseless puppies enduring any form of mistreatment is deeply disturbing. Whether it's physical abuse, neglect, or emotional harm, it's hard to fathom that anyone could commit such crimes on a precious pup.

Puppies, with their inherent vulnerability and trust, deserve a loving and nurturing environment to grow and thrive. Sadly, far too many dogs endure the realities of abuse.

One such puppy was shaved to her skin and crudely covered in Swastikas and expletives. Thankfully, police rescued her before further abuse could occur.

On May 9, the non-profit animal rescue Rescue One in Springfield, Missouri shared about the dog on Facebook.

In the post, they said:

"Just when we think we have seen it all...

This 3 month old pup was shaved and has swastikas drawn all over her body. Also written on her back is 'Don't feed this (explicit) dog.' We are thankful that law enforcement rescued this dog and that we get to be part of her journey to a great home.

She is heading for the tub to scrub-a-dub-dub all of this hate off. Only love here."

The post was accompanied with the photo of the dog, who they named Leslie, covered in markings.

Thankfully, they shared an updated photo in the comments where you can see Leslie snuggled up in her new dog bed post-bath.

Over the following week, Leslie received "a lot of baths" and Rescue One was pleased to announce that all of the Swastikas that were drawn on her body are officially gone.

The rescue said, "We are happy to update that after a lot of baths and time, all of the swastikas that were drawn on this sweet girl are officially gone! She is a precious girl and we are so thankful to have been able to rescue her."

"She will be fully vetted soon and then will be ready for her forever home and lots of LOVE!" they added.

We're so glad Leslie's cruel past is behind her! Her future is bright.

Malorie Thompson

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