Stormchasers Film Rare Rainbow "Scarf Cloud" In China

Stormchasers Film Rare Rainbow "Scarf Cloud" In China

A group of extreme storm chasers managed to capture an incredible rainbow "scarf cloud" on video and they're sharing it with the world!

NZP Chasers pursue severe weather across North America and the world such as blizzards, tornadoes, winter storms, dust devils, flooding, severe thunderstorms, and more.

In one recent video, they revealed an incredible scarf cloud that was spotted in China.

If we didn't know any better, we'd say this is the work of aliens, but NZP Chasers have a better explanation.

They explained in the video's description:

"This is called a 'scarf cloud,' which occurs when a thunderstorm's updraft creates a pileus cloud and the sun's angle interacts with the ice crystals in the pileus cloud. The scarf cloud is formed by the cooling and condensation of moist air forced up and over the peak. When the sunlight is at the right angle, the light diffracts between the droplets and the ice crystals in the cloud, creating a rainbow colour."

We can only behind to imagine what it must've been like to see in person. It had to be truly incredible to witness!

You can see it for yourself in the video below:

What do you tink of the scarf cloud? Have you ever seen something similar? Let us know!

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