Random Act Of Kindness At Grocery Store Leads To Unexpected Friendship

Random Act Of Kindness At Grocery Store Leads To Unexpected Friendship

No one likes to head to the checkout counter only to discover they don't have the money for the items they're buying. Not only can it feel embarrassing at times, but it can also be hard to walk away empty-handed.

A man named Jason James Boudreaux recently went through that at a Louisiana grocery store when he cashed a check and intended to buy some groceries with it.

Unfortunately, he shared on Facebook that he wasn't aware that money from a check can take time to clear and it's not instant. Without the check money, he couldn't afford what he'd taken to the register and a moment of panic set in.

He shared on Facebook, "I had groceries that were way more expensive than a Starbucks cup of coffee. I told [the stranger behind me] hello while we were waiting in line. My turn, the cashier said her computer said I had insufficient funds."

Miraculously, the man behind him in line said, "I got you." Jason protested and pointed out the hefty price, but the stranger insisted he could pay for it.

Jason initially shared the story in hopes of finding the gentleman who'd helped him out. Beyond feeling like he wanted to repay the young man, he also wanted to recognize him for his kind deeds. He said, "the point of this is the dude just stepped up for a complete stranger, he should be recognized."

Thankfully, it didn't take long for social media to work its magic, and the kind stranger was identified as Kevin Jones.

Not only did were the two men able to reconnect, but it seems as if they've become friends as well!

Jason and his family spent time at Kevin's house, and they even had a bit of a party together. You can check out their dance moves in the video below:

It's always nice to see kindness bringing people together.

Malorie Thompson

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